Dr Konstantinos Tsirikolias


Informatics Engineer

Research Interests/activities

  • Image Processing.
  • Pattern Recognition.
  • Digital Filters Signal Coding and Compression.
  • Chaos and Fractals.
  • Intelligent agents.
  • Morphogenetic Fields.
  • Statistical Physics.


  • Diploma of Electrical Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, (HELLAS).
  • Master Thesis "Digital Image Processing".
  • PhD "Statistical Pattern Recognition".

Work Experience

  • Senior R&D Engineer of Daedalus Informatics, in the fields of image processing and artificial intelligence since 1993.
  • Design and S/W implementation of digital filters.
  • S/W implementation of an O.C.R. system.
  • S/W implementation of special image and video effects.
  • Design of intelligent agents for pattern recognition applications.


  • Sixteen international scientific conferences.
  • Six international scientific journals.

Selected Papers

  • K. Tsirikolias, "Low level image processing and analysis using radius filters" DIgital Signal Processing, Vol. 50, 2016, p. 72 - 83. [PDF]
  • K. D. Tsirikolias, "Coordinate Logic Order Statistics & applications in image processing". Circuits, Systems Signal Processing CSSP, DOI : 10.1007/s00034-014-9884-4, 10 September 2014 [PDF]
  • K Tsirikolias , "Coordinate logic order statistics filters: new approach for real-time image processing" Electronics Letters, IET digital library, Vol. 50, Issue 11, pp. 803-804, May 2014 [PDF]
  • Yiannis S. Boutalis, Kostas D. Tsirikolias, Basil G. Mertzios, Ioannis Andreadis: "Implementation of morphological filters using coordinate logic" operations. Pattern Recognition 35(1): 187-198 (2002). [PDF]
  • Basil G. Mertzios, Kostas D. Tsirikolias: "Coordinate Logic Filters and their applications in image processing and pattern recognition," Circuits, Systems, Signal Processing : Vol. 17, No 4, pp. 517-538, 1998.
  • Kostas D. Tsirikolias, Basil G. Mertzios: "Statistical pattern recognition using efficient two-dimensional moments with applications to character recognition." Pattern Recognition 26(6): 877-882 (1993).

Contact Information: tsirikolias (at) daedalus (dot) gr


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