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with the support of the Hellenic Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics EL.IN.A.AS.

News and announcements on the progress of the Greek Development Team will be reported form these pages. For the original project, please check the official Startram website.

Special thanks goes to Prof. Christos D. Papageorgiou [El. Eng., NTUA] who offered his class notes on the subject of Linear Motors and MAGLEV Systems.You can download a free copy from the below link


Summer 2012: Second Greek Startram Event - June 9

  • The second official presentation of the Greek Startram Initiative took place at the premises of the Hellenic Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics with great success. A plethora of candidate ideas were discussed after the englightning talks of Prof. C. D. Papageorgiou and C. Provatidis.

  • Event Photos

    Left, prof. Papageorgiou explaining several MAGLEV concepts for propulsion. Right, prof. Provatidis reviewing possible exotic propulsion methods.
    • Spring 2012: First Greek Startram Event - April 28

      • The first official announcement of the Greek Stratram Developent Team took place at the premises of the Greek Hackerspaces Club. Some photos are shown below. Presentations were made by

      • Theophanes Raptis, [DAT-NCSRD] on the Greek version of startram that will be known as Prj "Olymbus" and its supporting 2 stage Earth-to-Orbit vehicle "ZEUS"
      • Prof. Christopher Provatidis[Mech. Eng., NTUA] on the possibility of inertial propulsion based some forms of rotating spring-mass systems and their Electromagnetic counterparts.
      • Event Photos

        The main event hall. Next, prof. Provatidis watching the first lecture by Mr Raptis.
      • The first two slides of the lecture.
    • International News

      New Asteroid Mining Co PLANETARY RESOURCES asks for future Miners!


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