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  • V. Raptis, C. Dimitroulis, T. Raptis "Just type Polyana and press Enter: a post-processing application designed with simplicity of use in mind" Accepted in Molecular Simulations
  • Anthony Boucouvalas, Christos Papageorgiou, Eurypides Georgantzos, Theophanes Raptis "Resonant transmission line method for unconventional fibers" Accepted in Applied Sciences: Optics and Lasers.


  • T. E .Raptis "Holographic Automata for Ambient Immersive A. I. via Reservoir Computing" (Submitted) arxiv:1806.05108 [cs.AI] [PDF]
  • T. E .Raptis "Encoding discrete quantum algebras in a hierarchy of binary words" 11th Vigier Conf. 2018, Liege, Belgium, arxiv:1806.01637 [math.GM] [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, "Finite Information Numbers through an Inductive Combinatorial Hierarchy" arXiv:1805.06301 [physics.gen-ph] [PDF]


  • T. E. Raptis, C. D. Papageorgiou "Beltrami Flows, Non-Diffracting Waves and Axion Beltrami-Maxwell Postulates" , IARAS Conference, Dec 28-30, Athens, Greece. [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, "On certain analytical representations of cellular automata" (submitted) Preprint in arxiv:1708.08367[nlin.CG] [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, "Fractality and Coherent Structures in Satisfiability Problems" (submitted) Preprint in vixra:1707.0074 [Data Structures and Algorithms] [PDF]
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis, A. C. Boucouvalas Simulation of Quantum Wires with Resonant Transmission Int. J. Comm., 11, p22-26. [PDF]
  • E. Georgantzos, T. E. Raptis, A. C. Boucouvalas, C. D. Papageorgiou Resonant Transmission Line Modeling of Holey Photonic Crystal Fibers Int. J. Comm., 11, p8-13. [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis 'Viral' Turing Machines, Computations from Noise and Combinatorial Hierarchies Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, V. 104, Preprint in arXiv:1702.06000v1 [cs.AI] [PDF]


  • T. E. Raptis Resonant Transmission Line Method for Econophysics models Preprint in arXiv:1609.02028 [physics.gen] [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis UNitary Cellular AUtomata and Convolution Algebras Preprint in arXiv:1609.02028 [physics.gen] [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis Spectral Representations and Global Maps of Cellular Automata Dynamics Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, V. 91, Preprint in arXiv:1606.04023 [nlin.CG] [PDF]
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, A. C. Boucouvalas,T. E. Raptis Quantum Superlattices, Wannier Stark Ladders and the 'Resonance' technique (Submitted), Preprint in arXiv:1606.04584v1 [physics.gen-ph] [PDF]


  • T. E. Raptis A Computational Primitive for the Self-Affine Equivalence of Multinomial Expansions of Non-Commuting Variables and Liouville-Von Neumann Dynamics DEMO 2015/2 Report. [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis Arithmetic Fractal Structures and Number Theoretic Properties in the measurement protocols for the CHSH and Leggett - Garg inequalities DEMO 2015/1 Report. [PDF]
  • C. Dimitroulis, T. E. Raptis. V. Raptis "POLYANA: A tool for the calculation of molecular radial distribution functions based on Molecular Dynamics trajectories" (accepted for publication to Computer Physics Communications). [preprint]
  • T. E. Raptis. G. Vokas, P. Langouranis, S. Kaminaris Total Power Quality Index for Electrical Networks Using Neural Networks TMREES15 International Conference, Beirut, Lebanon.


  • P.A. Langouranis, S.D. Kaminaris, G.A. Vokas, T.E. Raptis, G.Ch. Ioannidis Fuzzy Total Power Quality Index for Electric Networks 9th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission Distribution and Energy Conversion MEDPOWER 2014


  • F. O. Minotti, T. E .Raptis, Transient force effects, as predicted by Mbelek and Lachieze-Rey scalar tensor theory of gravitation. [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, "A Closed Algebra of Clebsch Forms from Whittaker Super-potentials and Applications in Electromagnetic Research", PIER Letters, V. 42. 97 [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, "Electromagnetically induced vorticity control in a quantum fluid velocity field", [PDF], submitted in Let. Math. Phys.
  • T, Raptis, V. Raptis, "RDCI: A novel method of cluster analysis and applications thereof in sample molecular simulations" [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, F. O. Minotti, "Possible measurable effects of light propagating in electromagnetized vacuum, as predicted by a scalar tensor theory of gravitation" [PDF] Clas. Quant. Gravity, 30, 235004.


  • T.. E. Raptis, "Curl Eigen-field and Gauge-like Modes of linear wave equations" DEMO 2012/1 Report, submitted [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, V. Raptis, J. Samios Quantitative study of diffusion jumps in atomistic simulations of model gas - polymer systems , accepted in J. Mol. Phys


  • T. E. Raptis Polynomial Representations of the Integers and Primordial Self-Similarity in the Hierarchy of Universal Lexicons DEMO 2011/1 Report. [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis, K. Karamanos "An Artificial Volition Architecture for Autonomous Robotics" [PDF] Accepted in ASSA.
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis Ionic Collisions in Metallic Lattices Under Transient Current Pulses to appear in Eur. Phys. J.: Appl. Phys. Available from Ionic Metal Power site.


  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis A Solid State Ion Collider with Transient Current Pulses CMMP 2010 Conf., 14 - 16 December, Warwick, UK, to appear in IOP: Conference Series [PDF]
  • T. E. Raptis Appertures for Excitation of Algebraiclly Self-Dual E/M FIelds [PDF]DEMO Report 2010/3
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis Ionic Collisions in Metallic Lattices under Transient Current Pulses" submitted in EPJ D App. Phys. [preprint]
  • T. E. Raptis "Electromagnetic Stealth with Parallel Electric & Magnetic Fields" [PDF]DEMO Report 2010/2
  • T. E. Raptis "Numerical Study of an Electromagnetic Launcher" DEMO Report 2010/1


  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. .E. Raptis "Fragmetation of Thin Wires Under High Power Pulses and Bipolar Fusion" BPU 7 Conf. Alexandroupolis, Greece, September 2009
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis Dipole Electromagnetic Forces on Thin Wires under Transient High Voltage Pulses Europ. J. App. Phys. 48, 31002 [PDF]
  • C. D. Papageorgiou, T. E. Raptis "A Transmission Line Model for the Spherical Beltrami Equation" CHAOS2009 Conf. Chania, Crete to appear in "Chaotic Systems: Theory and Applications", C. H. Skiadas and I. Dimotikalis, World Scientific (2010).


  • "A New Generic Class of Beltrami 'Force-Free' Fields. Part III: Red-Shift and Blue-Shift Non Linear ELECTROVAC Fields" DEMO Report 2008/4
  • "A New Generic Class of Beltrami 'Force-Free' Fields. Part II: Beltrami Field Helicity Modulators" DEMO Report 2008/3
  • "A New Generic Class of Beltrami 'Force-Free' Fields. Part I: Theoretical Considerations" DEMO Report 2008/2
  • T. Raptis, V. Raptis,J. Samios,
    "Detection of Diffusive Jumps of Small Penetrants Dispersed in Polymer Systems", 7th Panhellenic Polymer Conference, Ioannina, Greece. Poster Presentation


  • "Reversibility and Criticality in a Deterministic "Self-Extracting" Bak Sneppen Automaton" Poster 20th Nonlinear Science and Complexity International Conference, Patras, July 2007
  • T. Raptis, V. Raptis, J. Samios, "A new effective method for quantitative analysis of diffusion jumps, applied in Molecular Dynamics simulations of small molecules dispersed in short chain systems.", J. Phys. Chem. B, V111,I51,(2007)


  • "Reversible Cellular Automata without memory.". 19th summer School on Nonlinear Science and Complexity. July 2006 Poster
  • Y. Bakopoulos, T. Raptis. I. Doxaras, E. Kotsialos, A. Aggarwal, "The Divider Set: A New Concept in Morphology", WSEAS 2006 PDF
  • T. Raptis, V. Raptis,J. Samios,
    "Mechanisms of Gaseous Molecules Diffusion through Amorphous Linear Polymers: A Study via Molecular Dynamics Simulation", 6th Panhellenic Polymer Conference, Patras, Greece. Poster Presentation


  • T. Raptis, V. Raptis, J. Samios, "Diffusion of small Molecules through Amorphous Linear Polymers", Poster presentation at the Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Chemical Society, University of Ioanina. Winning Poster at the EU Nanotechnology Science Forum.


  • T. Raptis, D. Whitford, R. Kroemer, "Applications of Cellular Automata and Dynamical Systems in Identification and Reconstruction of Biological Sequences", Poster presentation at BioStandards Symposium, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.


  • T. Raptis, "Stochastic Resonance in Chaotic Dynamical Systems",7th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Physical Society (EE?), Heraklion, Crete, 4-7 Apr, Vol. 2.


  • Diploma Thesis, "Control and Escape Phenomena in Deterministic and Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems" under the supervision of Prof. G. Tsironis, Physics Dept. University of Crete, Heraclion.

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