Elias Koorambas




Contact : elias.koor (AT) gmail(DOT) com

Research Interests

Alternative theories of gravity, gauge theories of gravity, Symmetries in particle physics and Unified theories, Brane and Extra Dimensions in particle physics and cosmology, dark matter and dark energy


  • Joint Honours degree in Maths-Physics, Univ. Aberdeen, 1998-2003.


  • Associated member of European Physics Society (2007)
  • Associated member of Institute of Physics (2003)


  • E.Koorambas Quark-Quark of Swap Electric Charge Bound State Int. J. HEP, 2:4-1. (2015)
  • E.Koorambas The Physics of Mass Gap Problem in the General Field Theory Framework Int. J. HEP, 2: (4-1).104-111 (2015).
  • E.Koorambas Weak Space-Time Curvature Effects for Lepton Electric Charge Swap at High Energy Scale "Horizons in World Physics", Chap.6, Edited by: Albert Reimer. 137-155 (2015) NY USA: Nova Science Publishers 285: Horizons in World Physics ISBN:978-1-63482-826-0.
  • E. Koorambas, G. Resconi Cosmic Acceleration for Harmonic Gravitational Connections In: Advances in Dark Energy Research, Edited by: Miranda L. Ortiz.75-90 (2015) Nova Science Publishers, ISBN:978-1-63483-090-4
  • E. Koorambas, Graviton wave mechanics: A De Broglie-Bohm approach for quantum gauge theory of gravity Quantum Matter 3, 3 (2014) 215-218. A special issue Quantum Matter and the geometry of space, Guest Editor Davide Fiscaletti.
  • E. Koorambas Vector gauge boson dark matter for the SU(N) gauge group model Int. J. Theor. Phys., 52 ,12 (2013) 4374-4388
  • E. Koorambas Lepton electric charge swap at the 10 TeV energy scale Commun. Theor. Phys 60, 5 (2013) 561-571
  • E. Koorambas Recent Developments in Bosons Research Chapter 2, ed.Ignace Tremblay, pp. 57-82, (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, 2013- May).
  • E. Koorambas Cosmic acceleration in a model of interacting massive gravitons Int. J. Theor. Phys. 52, 7 (2013) 2235-2244
  • E. Koorambas Tevatron Wij anomaly for a model with two different mechanisms for mass generation of gauge fields Int. J. Theor. Phys. 51, 10 (2012) 3127-3140
  • E. Koorambas On the geometric unification of gravity and dark energy Int. J. Theor. Phys. 51, 9 (2012) 2863-2870

Preprints - Working Papers

  • E. Koorambas Wilson and Polyakov loops of gravitational gauge fields in Rindler space (2014) hep-th
  • E. Koorambas The evolution process of Left - Right neutrinos' modeling population (2014) hep-th
  • E. Koorambas Can gravitons be effectively massive due to their zitterbewegung motion? (2014) hep-th
  • E. Koorambas The new interpretation of arithmetic operation symbols (2014) [ INSMI Collections.
  • E. Koorambas, G. Kakavas, G. Lampousis, A. Alambeis, A. Aggelopoulos Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Generators in the Athens, Greece Metro Network (2012). Gen-phys
  • E. Koorambas Random Numbers Generated by Orbifold Fixed Points (2011) vixra.1108.0015 hep-th
  • E. Koorambas Linking Extra Dimensions Looking Like Particles Physics 2005-A century after Einstein Institute of Physics, G2.23 (10-14 April 2005), page 25
  • E. Koorambas Unification of Gravity and Yang Mills Fields by Fuzzy String Model Physics 2005-A century after Einstein Institute of Physics, G2.24 (10-14 April 2005), page 25

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