Doxaras Ioannis

Physicist - Senior It & Software Consultant

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Current Occupation

  • IT Consultant at Algosystems S. A.
  • IT Consultant at Cognity S. A.
  • Scientific Consultant at NCSR Demokritos


  • Msc. at National Technical University of Athens. Physics Dpt. Division of Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2000 - 2005
  • Bsc. at National Kapodistrian University of Athens. MIcroelectronics - Nanotechnology 2005 - 2006


  • A. Aggarwal, Y. Bakopoulos, V. Soulioti, N. Bardis, S. Kouremenos, S. Nicolopoulos Stream Ciphers Created by a Discrete Dynamic System for Application in the Internet WSEAS Transactions on Computers, V 5(1), 2006
  • I. N. Doxaras, M. Axenides, "Mathieu Resonances in Preheating." submitted to Phys. Rev. D.
  • Y. Bakopoulos, T. Raptis, I. Doxaras "Geometric Definition of a new Skeletonization Concept" to appear in "2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium and 2nd Summer School on Mathematical Modeling in Modern Technologies and Economics", 1-5 September, Athens, Greece.
  • A. Aggarwal, Y. Bakopoulos, T. Raptis. I. Doxaras, E. Kotsialos, S. Kouremenos, "The Divider Set: A New Concept in Morphology", WSEAS Computer Vision and CAD, 2006

Invited Talks

  • NATO ASI Chania 2-13 May 2005, "Quantum Computation & Quantum Information" "Classically simulating error correcting codes for higher dimension encoding systems." NATO Proceedings (in print).
  • Workshop Quantum Probability & Information University of Patras 20-21 May, 2005 "Higher Dimension encoding systems & Error-Correcting Schema"
  • International Conference "Science & Art" Eugenides Foundation 16-19 June A Differential Geometry Approach in Art
  • I. N. Doxaras, C. N. Papanikolas "Penta Quarks & Beyond" 6th European Research Conference, September 21-24, 2005, Milos, Greece "Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons & Nuclei"(EINN 2005)
  • Volos Conference in Complexity "Solving a Modified Korteweg-De Vries Equation in a BCS, using Genetic Algorithms"
  • Y. Bakopoulos, T. Raptis, I. N. Doxaras, Indication of Chaos in Walgraef-Aifantis model Poster Session, 19th Summer School in Non-Linear Dynamics and Complexity
  • JHUG Tech Day, Enterprise Java & Netbeans, Bea Weblogic WLI, JESS Rule Engine.


  • Quantum Computing Course NTUA Microelectronics Ms. c. Association with Prof. G. Varelogiannis.
    • Error Correction & Fault Tolerance
    • Quantum Cryptography Protocols
  • UOA Theoretical Physics Group Lectures
    • "Intro to String Theory (From Classical Strings to Nambu-Goto Action)"
    • "Color Superconductivity"
    • "Stochastic Processes in Hilbert Space"
    • "Quantum Non-Marcovian Processes"
    • "Doing HEP with Object Oriented Programming in CERN-ROOT Framework"

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