Demetris Christopoulos


Physicist - Software Developer


Research Interests

  • Big Data Analysis::Apply Parallel Computing techniques in R language to analyse and visualise large data sets
  • Statistics, Econometrics and Numerical Analysis::Create sophisticated methods for identifying characteristic points of a noisy planar curve
  • Multi Dimensional Data Analysis::Apply Archetypal Analysis and other methods for high dimensional data sets
  • Mathematics::Use of Symbolics languages like Maple and Maxima for solving mathematical problems of extreme difficulty


  • PhDc at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Economics, 2011-now
  • MPhil in Economics at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Economics, 2011
  • Bsc in Physics at University of Patras, Department of Physics, 1991

Projects - Work Experience

Working under a Multimedia Production Agreement and NDA signed for INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France, 2015-2018:
  • Commercial simulation project
  • World Values Survey project


  • Otto E. Rossler, Frank Kuske, Dieter Fröhlich, Hans H. Diebner, Thimo Böhl, Demetris T. Christopoulos and Christophe Letellier. A Primer for Deterministic Thermodynamics and Cryodynamics, pages 391–413 Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2018. URL:

  • David Midgley, Sunil Venaik and Demetris Christopoulos. Mosaics not masses: Nations as diverse mixtures of global values archetypes. EIBA Conference Milan, 2017

  • Demetris T Christopoulos. On the efficient identification of an inflection point. International Journal of Mathematics and Scientific Computing (ISSN: 2231-5330), 6(1), 6 2016. URL:

  • Demetris T Christopoulos. Introducing unit invariant knee (UIK) as an objective choice for elbow point in multivariate data analysis techniques. SSRN, 2016. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Extraction of the global absolute temperature for Northern Hemisphere using a set of 6190 meteorological stations from 1800 to 2013. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 128:70 – 83, 3 2015. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. A simple definition of time. ResearchGate, 2014. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Roots, extrema and inflection points by using a proper Taylor regression procedure. SSRN, 2014. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Inflection point analysis for Greek seismicity 1900-2006., 2014. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Polynomial regression using trapezoidal rule for computing Legendre coefficients., 2013. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. On the effective radius of convergence for a given truncated power series expansion., 2013. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Linear regression without computing pseudo-inverse matrix., 2013. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. A simple and numerical stable algorithm for solving the cone projection problem based on a Gram-Schmidt process., 2012. URL:

  • Demetris T. Christopoulos. Developing methods for identifying the inflection point of a convex/concave curve., 2012. URL:


  • R Package inflection: Finds the Inflection Point of a Curve, CRAN, version 1.3
  • R Package RootsExtremaInflections: Finds Roots, Extrema and Inflection Points of a Curve, CRAN, version 1.1


  • Σημειώσεις Εργαστηρίου Γραμμικών Μαθηματικών Εύδοξος, 2011
    Abstract: Μία κριτική εισαγωγή στο MATLAB & Octave μελετώντας την αριθμητική κινητής υποδιαστολής στα πλαίσια ενός εργαστηρίου Γραμμικής Άλγεβρας και συγκρίνοντας με πακέτα υπολογιστικής άλγεβρας όπως το wxMaxima. Αριθμητικά bugs που δεν είναι αρκετά γνωστά, ανάλυση πινάκων (matrix decomposition) και ασκήσεις.

Academic Personal Pages

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Page

Contact Information

dem.christop (at)
dchristop (at)
Mob.: +306979210251


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