Theophanes E. Raptis

Physicist-Software Developer

Scire Potere Audere Tacere

Strike at its head, and you will be attacked by its tail;

strike at its tail, and you will be attacked by its head;

strike at its middle, and you will be attacked by head and tail both.


"The Art of War"


  • (H)ELlenic INstitute for Aeronautics and AStronautics (EL.IN.A.A.S.)


Supporting Project Startram Official Star-Tram Website

Supporting Japan victims WSEAS Japan Support Blog

Rethinking Nuclear Energy - Support "Floating Solar Chimney" technology

Supporting Open Science "F1000" Movement

Supporting the High Energy Astrobiology Prize Contest

Alternative Site: Best Thinking

Research Interests

  • here is a short list of the more recent investigations in AI Software and Physics
  • Development of the "Theory of Universal Lexicons" and its possible applications in various fields like compression and alternative hybrid models of computation as in the following where an attempt is made to merge analog and digital models towards an All Optical Computer
  • The Symbolic Transform for Image Compression and Classification. The purpose would be to be able to categorize faces or other objects by a bunch of unique complex vectors. Other interesting properties of this indexing scheme are currently under investigation. You can get a presentation of the current state of research in the field here

  • Electromagnetics. Research on special non linear "force-free" (Beltrami) fields. Click here [BELTRAMI.PPT] for a short review.Mesh-Free algorithms for simulations. Research on Exploding Wires under extreme power - low energy electrical pulses and the "Low Energy Lattice Assisted Nuclear Transmutation (LELANT) Hypothesis". Exploding Wires

  • Molecular Mechanics - Molecular Dynamics. Polymer dynamics and diffusion processes.Fractality and Complexity issues of molecular orbits

  • The Digital Universe At the theoretical domain I am particularly interested in the possible algorithmic equivalence between physical processes and programs as proclaimed by the Fredkin-Zuse Conjecture of Digital Mechanics.

  • My recent eforts are concentrated around the complete arithmetization and algebrization of computational structures Arithmetization-I Arithmetization-II Arithmetization-III
  • History & Philosophy of Science & Technology

    Click link for a speak with title : From Church-Turing Thesis to Fredkin-Zuse and beyond... given at the "Kedros" Bookstore, Stoa Vivliou, Athens in 2007.

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    • Techno-Feudalism, Esoptron editions,2007.
        A short essay on the consequences of massive introduction of advanced technology into the masses in the era of neo-liberalism and a critique of the ideology of Trans-Humanism from the point of view of the betrayal of Enlightenment ideals.


    • "METHOD FOR BUILDING A VOLITIONAL COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE" Authors : T. E. Raptis (Granted No 20100100498 Greek Industrial Property Organisation )

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