Various (The following codes are provided as they are under no guarantee, solely for research and experimentation purposes)


(Codes in this section run on any version of the Win32 CAS 'Eigenmath' or it's Linux equivalent SMIB. Both can be obtained from the links below.) Eigenmath SMIB
  • Self-Dual Antenna System TriDipole.eig A system of three orthogonal loop magnetic and dipole electric antennas producing a total self-dual field in free space. This is work in progress and the script may change significantly from time to time.
  • ''Reverse Engineering Koide's Formula '' Koide.eig Close examination of some number theoretic and geometric structures revealed in the differential structure of the famous Koide formula of the three Leptonic masses of the electron, muon and tau. (Wikipedia Link on Koide)


  • Complexity Estimates for Finite Strings Experimental code for estimating the complexity of finite strings in a full combinatoric powerset of any order. Associated with a previous report. Includes 5 functions and guidelines for the method followed inside the archive.
  • "Lumping Entropy" by Konstantinos Karamanos, Theophanes Raptis


  • "Self-Expanding "Inflationary" Cellular Automata" by Theophanes Raptis (see file for help)

    This is a very simple model of a self-modifying automaton that exhibits an inflationary behavior

    associated with some initial research on Hyper-compression (It requires lumps.m to compute some sort of "entropic inflationary force").


  • CA QUASI-PARTICLES WITH "SPIN" by Theophanes Raptis (see file for help)

    Available through Mathworks Repository Download

  • "Restricted Integer Compositions" based on an algorithm by J. D. Opdyke from DataMineIt

    MATLAB implementation by Theophanes Raptis (see file for help)

    Available through Mathworks Repository Download

  • Caeteris frame51

    (If it does not play at your browser, try this light win32 version of Media Player Classic. If it still does not work, you probably lack the necessary codecs in which case you should obtain them from here or here)

    A nice movie from a 2-D simulation of an extended CAETERIS (Cellular Automaton ETh ER InfraStructure) model due to prof. Simon Berkovich of George Washington University. This is actually more of an Oscillator Automaton closely linked to generic oscilaltor networks of which many a wonderful property are already known - and magnificently ignored! Prof. Berkovich was the first to mention that the original proposal of Edward Fredkin and Konrad Zuse on an algorithmic digital mechanics is entirely possible based on automata with "active" instead of "passive" elements. This took place back at 1986 - and it was also magnanimously forgotten despite the essential simplicity and the mathematical elegance of the model. Instead people seem to prefere the Brobdignagian difficulty of strings and other incomprehensible marvels crawling out of the mathematical abyss! Yet, simple inspection of these simulation shows the possibility for an explanation of the CMB aenigma as well as the Virgo Cluster anomaly which has already been proposed by prof. Berkovich in Berkovich 2005 More on this in his new 2011 book Berkovich 2011

    MATLAB implementation by Theophanes Raptis

    "Terra eonira est opulenta numis in frumento et vino, auro et serico ac rebus caeteris."

    From The long and wonderful voyage of Frier Iohn de Plano Carpini.


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